Sugey at the Ben Franklin Techcelerator

Last Thursday, September 21st, Sugey’s Co-Founder and CEO Rich Everts attended the first session of the Ben Franklin TechCelerator boot-camp program for Fall 2017.

The program is an intensive 8-week training for startups to learn and hone their pitch skills, customer development, and what many in the tech industry known simply as Lean UX methodology. The first session included a talk from Jill Edwards and the Ben FranklinVenture Investment Forum on elevator pitches. Leaving no room for dawdling, the first night businesses presented their pitches to each other.

Overall, there are 10 businesses that were accepted to the program and they compete for a $10,000 prize at the end of the 8 weeks. Each week, the business leaders meet as a group, and then again in their local one-on-ones once per week. Attendees included another business from Lancaster, so there is local representation at the meeting in Harrisburg.

There is a heavy emphasis on reading, videos, and education on how to find and build products for your customers. Networking is of course covered as well.

We here are Sugey will continue to update you on progress, and will hopefully report on a successful take of the prize in November!

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