There Is No Spoon - Episode #2

There Is No Spoon – Episode 2

We welcome you to There Is No Spoon – Episode 2!

There Is No Spoon is a loosely structured brainstorming on AI, life, technology by members of the Sugey One engineering team. The numbers may not line up, the connections may have gaps, and the poetry may be a little rusty, but it is a great combination of what-ifs, paradigm framings and possibilities. For days when you don’t want to be bound by the hard rules of a matrix.


Nigel Stanford Automatica Explosion Rock

Nigel Stanford and the Dragons of the Server Clouds

The new musical and technological work of Nigel Stanford, Automatica, is a blast in the face of everything going on in the Deep Learning world right now, and it is glorious.

You may wonder why we’re covering this in the Sugey blog, however, it will become clear if you understand that we are building systems that will over time adapt and grow with our users. Some would say, the machines fit themselves around our customers’ lives. This is, in essence, the theme behind Nigel’s latest creation.


Defeating Skynet and Collective AI with Sugey One

Battling Skynet and Collective AI

Let’s look at how mother nature does AI to some extent and seek to understand the collective AI battle space.

DNA is an encoding system. It contains current weights of selection performed over billion years of epochs through models of varying layers and hidden complexity.