nVidia Volta Titan V and Sugey

nVidia Volta Titan V and Decentralized Deep Learning

Along with the new Nvidia Volta architecture, announced the release of the new nVidia Volta Titan V GPU cards recently and these are game changers. There’s no need to rehash why the Volta is different, so instead let’s discuss why this matters to what we do at Sugey One.


Nigel Stanford Automatica Explosion Rock

Nigel Stanford and the Dragons of the Server Clouds

The new musical and technological work of Nigel Stanford, Automatica, is a blast in the face of everything going on in the Deep Learning world right now, and it is glorious.

You may wonder why we’re covering this in the Sugey blog, however, it will become clear if you understand that we are building systems that will over time adapt and grow with our users. Some would say, the machines fit themselves around our customers’ lives. This is, in essence, the theme behind Nigel’s latest creation.


Pricing Ben Franklin Techcelerator

Review of Ben Franklin Incubator Program

The Fall 2017 class of the Central Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Techcelerator program finished recently and Sugey did very well. While we did not finish 1st in the final voting of judges, we developed an amazing business plan with excellent customer research and feedback, and are ready for our next phase of business.

With a bit of time for reflection, we at Sugey would like to give a quick review of the program.


Demo Day Coming Up

Demo day is this Thursday, November 16th, marking the end of our time in the Ben Franklin TechCelerator Bootcamp Program. From approximately 4pm – 6 pm, seven businesses will present their pitches to a group of judges who will then decide who to award up to $10,000 in funding.


Sugey at the Ben Franklin Techcelerator

Last Thursday, September 21st, Sugey’s Co-Founder and CEO Rich Everts attended the first session of the Ben Franklin TechCelerator boot-camp program for Fall 2017.