Another Recording Milestone Hit

Another Recording Milestone Hit

The team at Sugey is excited to show that we hit out recording milestone by the end of 2017!

Today, we can begin building our datasets in a mobile way in multiple locations. This is a major milestone as we can now work with 3rd party groups to build custom datasets specifically tied to our abilities to provide wandering and daily living reminders to our customers.

This initial setup uses an adjustable turtle c-stand and a custom wood mount. The tech is a Raspberry Pi 3+ along with a FLIR dev kit and Pi Camera, and a custom streaming setup using Python, OpenCV3.4. It can record named datasets on the fly, create new directories, split and save streams into image sequences for further processing with AI, and more. A well planned out team can create over 150 positive and 300 negative datasets an hour!

Our next milestone is in sight and we plan to give you an update by the end of January!

Happy New Year 2018!

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