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More Autism Wandering Deaths in New York

There were two more autism wandering deaths in NY State this past holiday season, and it shows the necessity of the Sugey One to families and individuals and our need to protect them.

The National Autism Association is warning caregivers about the increased risks of autism-related wandering during the holiday season. In quoting from their article:

Similar to wandering behaviors in the Alzheimer’s community, wandering/elopement, or “running,” behaviors in children and adults with autism have led to countless tragedies across the country. A Pediatrics study in 2012 found that half of children with autism attempt to wander/elope from a safe environment.  According to NAA, accidental drowning is responsible for the vast majority of lethal outcomes, especially among younger children with autism. The second leading cause of death is by fatal traffic injury, typically in teenage males with autism.

This means that approximately 1 million autistics attempt to wander and elope from a safe environment some time in their life. Most are not successful in the attempt, caught by families or an alert care taker. However, it is clear that this is an unbelievably difficult position to be placing these individuals in, and we at Sugey are doing everything we can to help them.

You can find more information on the children at the Hudson Reporter here.

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