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The Sugey One is still in production, and if you are interested in helping individuals with Alzheimer's or autism with it, please contact us.

Also, anyone can purchase this product, and it will be 10x better with it's cameras then any of the other big Silicon Valley solutions.


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Revolutionary Home AI Platform
Private monitoring, wandering prevention, and daily living with the patent-pending Erana Engine™
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Worry Less

Cameras placed on a private network throughout the home track where everyone is, and notifies you day or night if someone unauthorized attempts to leave.

Be More Informed

The Erana Engine tracks things like sleeping or eating to predict patterns, and learn when something is off. Customize for your own behaviors in the future.

Relax More

The Erana Engine will have connections with a lot of safety equipment over time, including stoves, faucets, and alarms. Relax knowing you have backup.

Secure & Private

We use unique and powerful security measures to protect the data within your home.

Wandering & Tracking

The Erana Engine™ provides a unique tracking system for day or night to know where everyone is.

Daily Living

Advanced AI models can recognize specific behaviors and provide feedback within the home.

We’re Customers Too

Our co-founders built the Sugey One for their own family, and now hope to help others.

“Hey, Sugey…”

Asking questions about what is going on in your home is as easy as speaking to any one bot starting with “Hey, Sugey…”.

Voice Activation

Receive responses to your questions and updates straight through the speaker system in each bot.

Custom Night Vision

Specialized camera systems can pick up humans and pets in pitch black conditions up to 12 meters.

Sensor Straight On
Easy Installation

Installing a bot can be as easy as installing a wall plate with two screws and hanging it up on the wall.

Wired or Wireless

For a completely secure system, use one of 4 wired connections. Or, use private wireless router already installed.

Excellent Coverage

Position the bot head up to 130 degrees left or right, and up to 45 degree up and down, giving full room coverage.

Want to Show the World How Much This is Needed?

The Sugey One is rapidly approaching a release in 2020. If you are interested, consider placing a deposit.

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Partners on Alzheimer’s and autism

We’re building the Sugey One to withstand the rigors of Alzheimer’s and autism home support.


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