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The Sugey One is still in production, and if you are interested in helping individuals with Alzheimer's or autism with it, please contact us.

Also, anyone can purchase this product, and it will be 10x better with it's cameras then any of the other big Silicon Valley solutions.


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Sugey Participates in Red Rose Film Festival Tech Expo

Sugey One at Tech Expo

Sugey Participates in Red Rose Film Festival Tech Expo

Sugey showed off some of the first pieces of the Sugey One this past weekend at the 1st Annual Red Rose Film Festival Tech Expo. Some of the interesting tech Sugey put out for display included the thermal and RGB object detection, as well as our new sensor casing which was a big hit. We had a basic demo of our potential voice recognition system running, and it was able to wake up with near field detection and tell you exactly where someone was speaking from!

Sugey had the opportunity to talk to multiple individuals about the work we do, and as always, there were multiple individuals affected by either Alzheimer’s or autism who are excited to learn more about what we’re doing. We also had people stopping by interested in the Sugey One as a general consumer product, which while we don’t advertise at the moment, we do expect to make a splash in that market within the next 18 months, so stay tuned!

What Is the Red Rose Film Festival Tech Expo?

The tech expo at the film festival this year was meant to highlight some of the emerging tech in the Lancaster region that might be interesting to the local film community. Ryan Murphy, this year’s main organizer, made a commitment to showcase some amazing VR and AR work as well from some of the top tech firms in the area. Some of the talented folks included Seisan Consulting, the Lancaster VR Lounge, the make717 Innovation Center, and many others. There was a Q&A session with some of those leaders as you see below:

Thanks to Seisan

Thanks again to Chuck Durham and the team at Seisan Consulting for putting together an awesome event at this year’s Red Rose Film Festival, and we look forward to participating next year with a full demo product.

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