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The Sugey One is still in production, and if you are interested in helping individuals with Alzheimer's or autism with it, please contact us.

Also, anyone can purchase this product, and it will be 10x better with it's cameras then any of the other big Silicon Valley solutions.


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15 Holiday Gifts for People with Alzheimer’s

15 Holiday Gifts for People with Alzheimer’s

Before you set out on Black Friday, take a look at our list of the best gift ideas for those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. 


These 5 gifts to are sure to keep those with Alzheimer’s mentally and physically engaged.

Blue Pillow with fidget devices.
Fidget Pillow

1. Fidget Blanket

One of the best holiday gifts for people with Alzheimer’s is a sensory lap blanket that keeps hands busy. They combine textured fabrics with activities such as lacing, buckling and buttoning. Easily customize your own blanket or pillow tailored to your loved one’s hobbies!

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Completing puzzles provides a great sense of accomplishment for those with Alzheimer’s. In addition to boosting self-esteem, puzzles are great for exercising the brain.

3. Crosswords & Word Search

These low-stress puzzle books provide an excellent mental workout. They are an easy activity to add into a daily routine.

4. Coloring Books

Coloring is a fun social activity that you can do with your loved one. Therapeutic coloring encourages freedom of expression and is a great conversation starter.

5. Image Association Cards

Asking seniors with Alzheimer’s to name the pictured object or group related objects together stimulates thinking, concentration and memory recall.

Holiday Gifts for people with Alzheimer’s: Technology

Not all seniors are quick to adopt new technology, but these 5 gifts make innovative tech work for people with Alzheimer’s, not against them. 

Round pill dispenser with lid. 21 compartments for easy pill management. Holiday Gifts for people with Alzheimer's
Automatic Pill Dispenser

6. Automatic Pill Box Dispenser

Sleep easier knowing your loved one is taking the correct medicine on time. Visual and audio alerts remind users to take their medication while tamper-proof locks prevents medication mix-ups.

7. Sugey One

We may be a little biased, but we believe the Sugey One has the power to transform the lives of people living with Alzheimer’s. The Sugey One is an innovative AI monitoring program that tracks patterns in human behavior and alerts when something if off. This caregiving tool will also let you know when vulnerable family members attempt to leave the house. With a release imminent in 2020, contact us to consider placing a deposit now to get a jump on next year’s holiday shopping.

8. Landline Picture Phone

Instead of numbers, Picture Phone buttons feature photos. This means you don’t have to worry if your loved one forgets your number; all they need to do is hit your photo to give you a call.

9. Large Digital Clock

Special Alzheimer’s clocks show the time, date and day of the week in large font. You can also program alarms to remind users of their daily routine.

10. Simple Music Player

Simple Music Players help people with Alzheimer’s listen to music independently. With only one button, it’s easy for users to turn on. Preload their favorite music and set volume levels so all they have to do is sit back and enjoy the music.

Holiday Gifts for people with Alzheimer’s: Comfort

Living with Alzheimer’s can be stressful. With this in mind, consider giving one of these 5 comforting gifts to keep your loved one’s anxiety at bay.

A woman is comforted by looking at old photos in a custom photo album.
Personalized Photo Album

11. Photo Albums

Create custom photo albums to remind those with Alzheimer’s of the people who love them. These personalized books are a timeless way to connect and share meaningful memories.

12. Companion Pet

These stuffed animals mimic the movement and sounds of real cats and dogs. They are the perfect gift for those who love the comfort and companionship that pets bring. 

13. Therapy Dolls

Caring for a lifelike doll brings a sense of purpose and consistency to daily life. These weighted therapy dolls have been successful in aiding communication, social interaction and stress reduction. 

14. Window Mounted Bird Feeder

Bring the calming effects of nature inside with a bird feeder that sticks on any window.

15. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets use gravity to relieve stress and lull your loved one to sleep.

Eileen Donahue

Former home health aide passionate about aging in place.

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